共享 obsidianMD文档到Notion并生成notion共享链接

#Notion 共享 obsidianMD文档到Notion并生成notion共享链接

Jun 19, 2022 03:18 PM
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Obsidian to Notion

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Obsidian share to Notion 中文文档
Share obsidian files to Notion with one click, and auto add Notion share link in obsidian
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TODO Board

  • support for custom page banner
  • update the exsit page
  • support for mult language
  • support for auto copy the share link to clipboard
  • support for mobile
  • transfer the bi-link format like [[]] into the format that Notion supports.

How to use

Install the plugin


Search for BRAT plugin in the plugin market center Add EasyChris/obsidian-to-notion to the list of installed BRAT plugins Go back to the plugin center and enable it

Manual installation

cd YOUR_OBSIDIAN_FOLDER/.obsidian/plugins/
git clone https://github.com/EasyChris/obsidian-to-notion.git

Marketplace download

Please install via BRAT because it's not on the market yet

Apply Notion API

Official reference documentation: https://developers.notion.com/docs

Step 1: Create integration.

Go to https://www.notion.com/my-integrations Once created, copy secrets toekn
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database first custom name must be "Name", otherwise sync to notion will be failed
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Step 2: Share a database with your integration

Create a new page (with public permissions) Create a new database in the page -> you need full page database
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Add integration to your new database
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Step 3: Copy the database ID

 | --------- Database ID --------|

Open the plugin configuration

Fill the configuration with the NOTION_API_KEY and DATABASE_ID you got
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Upload file content to notion

Click the upload notion button
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A share link will be automatically generated after successful upload
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Banner URL[option]

banner url must be a image url like: https://i.imgur.com/xxx.jpg if you don't want to use banner, leave it blank

Notion ID [option]

Notion ID is the your notion site ID that you want to share the file to. if you don't write it, notion will share to the default link like: https://www.notion.so/myworkspace/a8aec43384f447ed84390 that visit this page need to redirect to your site url if you write the Notion ID, it will share to the page link like: https://your_user_name.notion.site/myworkspace/a8aec43384f447ed84390. The visiter don't need to redirect url.

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