用于Notion数据库的工作流运行程序系统Concept Database Operator

#Notion 用于Notion数据库的工作流运行程序系统Concept Database Operator

Sep 6, 2022 05:45 PM
notion image

notion image

nodop - NOtion Database OPerator

notion image
notion image
notion image
A workflow runner system for Notion databases.
WARNING: There maybe breaking changes before 1.0 release.


Use Docker:
docker run -v PATH/TO/CONFIG/:app/conf/ -v PATH/TO/CACHE/:app/cache/ --env NOTION_KEY=<notion_key> harryzcy/nodop
    • PATH/TO/CONFIG/ should point to a directory holding workflow files according to this syntax.
    • PATH/TO/CONFIG/ (optional) should point to a directory for cache
      If enabled, timestamp of the last runtime will be stored, so when Docker is restarted, it can catch up from last timestamp.


npm run build:release
npm run daemon

Workflow Syntax

Please refer to workflows doc or examples

Additional Configurations

The configurations below are available via environment variables.


The path to configuration directory or file.


The interval in seconds that Notion database changes will be checked.
Default: 30


The path of the log file. If left empty, the log will be outputted to console.