snipRSS |将网络上的视频,播客,博客文章,网页,社交帖子和文档截图到您自己的可共享RSS中

#RSS snipRSS |将网络上的视频,播客,博客文章,网页,社交帖子和文档截图到您自己的可共享RSS中

Jul 7, 2022 11:16 PM
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A lot of the best content out there isn't available as RSS.
SnipRSS clips content from any web page in to its own RSS feed so you can share it or use them to power your newsletters.
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From web page to RSS in seconds

Snip videos, podcasts, blog posts, web pages, social posts and documents from around the web into your own shareable RSS feeds.

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Built for content curators. Built for the curious.
Finding great content is hard and it's even harder finding it already in a RSS feed.
If you love uncovering fascinating, inspiring, captivating content and sharing with like minded folk, or just capturing it for when inspiration strikes, SnipRSS helps you capture and organise content as you browse, storing it in portable, sharable RSS Feeds.

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For users who are creating and sharing content regularly.

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