Mar 14, 2022 06:39 PM
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Youtube Tutorial [OLD]

Setup on Replit:

  1. Create a new replit
  1. Select import from github
  1. paste this github url: https://github.com/Zseni051/AutoSend
  1. Go to the tab Secrets(Environment variables)
  1. Create a secret with the key name: Token and for the value parse your token.
  1. Click on the Run button, and now the script will make an example Settings.json
  1. Edit your configuration in Settings.json
  1. Your Done! Click on the Run button for it to start
  1. For it to run 24/7 on Replit use:
      • The URL is in the window that says "Your bot is alive!" copy the repl.co link

To Do List:

  • Send message "on message"
  • Option for random message to not send the same message twice
  • Use a chat ai bot on a channel.
  • Finish the website